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I’m Linda Forsberg, a pattern surface designer based in Fjärås, just south of Gothenburg, in Sweden.

I like color and bold forms, my patterns are often colorful, frisky and dauntless with a penchant to details. The favorite theme is flowers that I always come back to. Nature is fantastic with all its endless colors and shapes to be inspired by.


My patterns have mostly been printed as piece-goods but has also been used for many different products and purposes - from home textiles and wallpaper to fashion and interior. For example, two recent fun and exciting missions has been to design the décor for a wonderful cup with saucer, and to make the pattern for umbrellas. It’s amazing that patterns can be used for so many different purposes! It’s only up to the imagination.


Except creating patterns, I am also found of painting and making illustrations. I paint in aquarelle, sometimes I scan the motive and make the last details in the computer. Other times I draw rough sketches on paper to make the complete artwork in Adobe Illustrator. I like natural motif and tend to do a lot of details.

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